Why "The Gander"?

Why "The Gander"?

Most people are familiar with the mythology of St. Martin's cloak. Less familiar may be the myth of St. Martin's goose. It is told that Martin the priest was wanted as bishop. He didn't want the job, and so hid (here the accounts are fuzzy) in a goose pen, barn, or bush and was revealed by the honking of the goose. A gander is a male goose - much like a drake is a male duck. To "take a gander" means to take a peek, a look. We hope to use this space to take a deeper look at things happening at St. Martin's, and share more thoughts and information with you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Wellspring at St. Martin’s has undergone a transformation

Wellspring at St. Martin’s is entering its sixth year with a new approach to its ministry of facilitating soul discovery and spiritual growth in the parish and the community. Under the direction of Coordinator Joanne Conway, a team of St. Martin’s parishioners has been engaged in informational interviews, team formation, and prayerful listening throughout the summer.
The group has clarified the ministry’s mission, focusing on assisting the congregation and broader community in nurturing their spirits and deepening their relationships with God and one another through practices rooted in, or resonant with, the Christian tradition.
Headwaters of the Jordan River

“The exact picture of Wellspring remains an unfolding mystery, one that will take time and a great deal of listening, remaining curious, and being patient,” Conway said last spring as the new team was just forming. “We will be beginning with building our leadership team and exploring. We then will move out into the church community with questions and listening ears and hearts to find how we can best serve.”
What have they discovered in the last several months? One-one-one interviews have revealed a desire for opportunities for ongoing reflection and a hunger for small-group gatherings. Team members have embraced a call to reach into their own spiritual passions and skills to offer programs that speak to local needs.
Wellspring’s fall programming reflects this with a variety of opportunities designed and facilitated by team members. Among them will be a weekly reflection on the Sunday sermons, beginning Sunday, October 28. The discussion will be facilitated by Wellspring team members and will use a process designed to help participants listen to each other and deepen their experience of what they have heard.
Women Connecting

The ministry will also facilitate a prayerful walk in the Wissahickon (Oct. 6), an exploration of contemplative prayer with St. Martin’s Rector Jarrett Kerbel (Oct. 17-31), and a discussion of Frederick Buechner’s book The Hungering Dark (Nov. 8 and Dec. 12). For more details visit StMartinEC.org/wellspring.
Future programming will seek ways to include a wider section of the parish and community, with offerings that speak to children, youth, and families. For updates on events, as well as spiritual reflections and resources, like and follow the Wellspring Facebook page.
Wellspring will continue to offer Women Connecting, a regular gathering of women marked by prayer, silence, and deep listening, inspired by the church seasons. The next gathering is Sept. 15 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Wellspring will also continue to host area spiritual directors.
The Wellspring Team

In addition to Wellspring Coordinator Joanne Conway, the Wellspring team includes John Hougen, Elizabeth Morrison, Jenny Cardoso, Scott Robinson, Susan Cole and Barbara Dundon. Barbara Ballenger, Associate for Spiritual Formation and Care, will continue to be Wellspring’s staff liaison.
For more information on Wellspring at St. Martin’s contact Joanne Conway at joanneconway86@gmail.com.